Healthy Weight For Life™ Essentials 

There is no cost for eligible HCF Members to do the program.

The Healthy Weight For Life Essentials program is suitable for individuals with a body mass index in the 26 – 29 range who are motivated to eat healthier, be more active and enjoy better wellbeing. It aims to help achieve gradual weight loss goals.

It is a personalised goal orientated nutrition and wellbeing program led by a team of specially trained dietitians.

Your BMI is

(4 feet = 48 / 5 feet = 60in / 6 feet = 72in)
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The dietitian program has been expertly researched and developed to integrate:

HWFL participants by prac

Dietitian led program

Personal assessment and goal focused plan.


Gradual weight loss 

Proven to reduce pain and improve mobility.


Gentle exercise plan

Reduce joint stiffness and improve physical function

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Digital Member Hub

A secure personal web portal to track progress, access great resources and message your support team.


Monitoring and support

A specialised healthcare team to provide support and guidance via phone, SMS, email, private online message board and post.

The program includes:

H-ADAPT - a comprehensive 360 degree personal assessment of current eating, drinking and exercise habits and how mood, attitudes and feelings may be influencing personal choices (view details)

4 personal dietetic telehealth consults spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart over 18 weeks

The complete Healthy Weight For Life healthy portion eating and lifestyle modification system (view details)

Digital Member Hub - personal online tracking and resource web portal (view details)

Unlimited phone, sms, email and personal message board access to the specialised allied health Care Support Team (view details)


Information Resources

All the resources you need to do the program will be posted out to you at no cost (following the approval from your health fund) 

HWFL portion plan resources

For more information download the brochure or call the Healthy Weight for Life Team on 1800 226 180.