KicStart VLCD in the Healthy Weight For Life programs

The intensive 18 week Healthy Weight for Life programs incorporate the use of KicStart VLCD across Phase 1, 2 and 3 as per the structure below.

For eligible members of participating private health insurance funds (view details) all the resources needed to do the programs, including KicStart, are posted out to you at no cost (following the approval from your health fund).

Week 1-6

2 x KicStart™ VLCD shake or soup replaces 2 meals a day, usually breakfast and lunch. (84 sachets provided)

The third main meal, usually dinner, is a portion controlled normal meal prepared using the Healthy Weight For Life tools. View details.

Week 7-12

1 x KicStart VLCD shake or soup to replace 1 meal a day, usually breakfast. (42 sachets provided)

The other 2 main meals, usually lunch and dinner, and snacks are portion controlled versions of your usual food choices prepared using the Healthy Weight For Life tools. View details.

Week 13 - 18+

A small number of KicStart VLCD meals are included in phase 3 to support the transition to no replaced meals. (21 sachets provided)

The 3 main meals and snacks are portion controlled normal meals prepared using the Healthy Weight For Life tools. View details.

Phase 1 supports motivational weight loss of around 5-6% PLUS builds up new skills and habits to support an enjoyable long-term healthy lifestyle.

Phase 2 supports a reduction in the use of KicStart VLCD with a total weight loss and maintenance goal of around 7%. PLUS expanding the new skills and habits to support enjoyable long term healthy lifestyle.

Phase 3 is to consolidate the complete set of new lifestyle skills and habits needed to maintain a healthy weight for life.

For self funded programs KicStart™ VLCD is also available for purchase.

KicStart VLCD 

KicStart™ VLCD (stands for Very Low Calorie Diet) is a unique, high quality, nutritionally complete meal replacement that has been developed, manufactured and packaged in Australia using the most up-to-date technology and ingredients currently available.

KicStart™ VLCD has been specifically formulated so that it is appropriate for use in a medically supervised:

    1. Very Low Calorie Diet program replacing all meals each day for the dietary management of obesity
    2. Partial VLCD meal replacement strategy, replacing one or two meals a day.

KicStart™ VLCD has been used in a number of internationally published clinical trials that demonstrated medically significant weight loss and health improvements across many different clinical conditions (ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, ref 4)

More importantly the same level of weight lost has also been replicated in 'real world' Healthy Weight For Life programs with over 10,000 participants (ref).

Evidence supports low- and very low-energy MRs as a successful strategy for weight loss in overweight individuals (ref 1, ref 2).

KicStart™ Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Dairy Proteins
A unique combination of dairy proteins to satisfy hunger, promote longer lasting feelings of fullness and protect muscle mass while you are losing weight.

Dietary Fibre
Soluble dietary fibre to help reduce cholesterol absorption, reduce the risk of constipation and satisfy hunger for longer.

Vitamins and Minerals
Fully balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals, including essential electrolytes and trace elements, to ensure a nutritionally complete meal for good health and vitality.

Strawberry Sundae

Pumpkin & Herb

Creamy Chicken

Italian Style Tomato

To prepare a soup

  • Add 200 ml (or more) of cold water, not hot water, to the shaker provided, or to a blender, then add the sachet of KicStart™ powder to the water.
  • Shake or blend for 30 seconds or until the consistency of the liquid is smooth and slightly frothy.
  • Pour the mixed soup into a heatproof container and gently heat in the microwave or on a stove top until warm. Do not boil the soup.
Tomato soup in a bowl isolated on a white background.

KicStart™ Serving Suggestions and Tips

There are many ways you can prepare and enjoy KicStart™ shakes and soups.



Soup tips: to add variety to the flavours, try mixing in fresh or dry herbs, curry powder, pepper, spices or even pureed whole tomatoes to your KicStart™ soups.

For an extra hearty meal add a range of steamed vegetables from the \'free foods\' list.

Alternatively, for a thinner consistency add more water.