Stress, anxiety, depression and pain

squatting man


Being in constant pain can be emotionally distressing and impacts on many aspects of life such as sleep quality, ability to work, enjoyment of leisure time and it can make every day activities like using stairs impossible.

It can also make any underlying stress, anxiety or depression worse.

Importantly, feelings of depression, anxiety, tension and anger, can actually intensify pain further. And the cycle continues.

The good news is this cycle also works in reverse - taking steps such as weight loss, muscle strengthening and gentle exercise can significantly reduce pain and significantly improve emotional wellbeing.

Likewise, taking steps to improve mental health and wellbeing can often have additive positive impacts on joint pain and function.

Professional help:

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression, or are concerned about your mental health it is important to seek professional support from a doctor, psychologist or trained counsellor.